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was that he took this brazen attack in the middle of the afternoon inside a crowded mall. >> police tell us the victim was not badly injury, but is obviously pretty shaken up. gray is now facing a number of charges including robbery, theft and assault. now to a situation we've been closely monitoring in baltimore county. businesses and residents fed up with destructive teens near the putty hill skate land. the violence usually happens at closing time on saturday nights. let's get to don champion who is live at the rink right now. >> no problems as of yet. you can see that the rink has let out for the night. i can tell you we have seen increase in the number of security guards out here, and also we've seen a number of officers patrolling the parking lot here. one thing is for sure, now that baltimore county officials have stepped in on the problems that have been happening here, neighbors are breathing a sigh of relief. >> that leads nowhere. >> cell phone video shows the weekly hassle neighbors of skate land have dealt with. droves and drefs of teens pouring out of the popular venue and too
have dealings with him? he drove us... nick and me. nick is...? mercedes' fiance. nicholas vance? what's sammy like? i don't know. he's just the driver. the last time either of you saw christy was what time? we left the vances around 10:00. mark vance was tired. he had chemo for prostate cancer. so... it was right after that... maybe 10:30 when my angel went to bed. the last time i saw her. mark leaves before i'm awake. i rarely see sammy. he seemed a nice enough young man. how about you two? he sometimes drives me when dad doesn't need him. he's a pretty friendly guy. friendly with the neighbors? if christy was outside he would've talked to her. you everalk to him? nah. dad won't let him drive me. ethan doesn't need a driver. caught him outside smoking a joint e morning. said something about it and he just told me to shut up. any other problems? a week ago, my father said he had to set sammy straight. "set him straight"? nick? briscoe: excuse me, i hate to intrude but your father had to "set sammy straight" about what? using the limo's car phone for personal calls. who was he calling?
the most severe penalties should be reserved for the most severe offenders. >> it should be used to punnish, deter and rehabilitate but not to warehouse and forget. >> he is changing the justice department charging guidelines so non-violent offenders who have no ties to gangs or drug cartels will no longer face mandatory sentences. they will be charged for sentences better suit towed their individual conduct rather than excessive sentences for violent offenders or drug king pins. >> of the 219,000 inmates in federal prisons, 47% are serving time for drug related crimes. >> perhaps the pendulum has swung toofer in terms of mandatory sentences. >> but critics of the move say it sends a signal to low level drug dealers that the price of doing business has gone down. >> if the price of doing business goes down, that's going to provide me with a september tons do more business because the legal risk i was previously facing are down. >> one local defense attorney believes it's time that sentencing guidelines be changed saying it penal lieses the little guy while the king pins go free. >> the big
detail was that the tact asked the attacker used a red knit cap to strangle her. a guard rail and into the woods. quest through the woods by her feet. she was still fighting. >> police say they have leads. they do not have a motive. his intentions were is something else. we have been trying to come up with this guy because we are concerned. >> crime prevention tips, the victim in this case did the right thing fighting back. >> if you are just in danger of losing property, give up the property. if someone wants to take you to a different location, you fight tooth and nail. do not go. >> that is because police say you do not want to give your attacker any kind of privacy to harm you. we are live. >> thank you. scarlet -- testified in her own defense today. day three of the murder trial. she is accused of ordering a deadly hit on her husband in 2010. on the stand today, carla told the jury she suffered a lifetime of his goal and mental abuse at her husband. he controlled every aspect of her life, insulted and hit and kicked her. when asked why she never did anything about it, she
' there with that father. come on. no, get out of here. he'll use me to beat you to death. come on, look -- hey, maybe he'll chase us with the shovel. come on. fratello mio, e' cosi' buono -- get off me, you nut! hey, hey, hey! you got to wake up, here, little bro! look where you are, man! you're missin' it! ♪ la donna mobile, qual piu ma vento ♪ i-i've never seen him like this -- so happy. i don't like it. hi, daddy! hi, daddy! hi, daddy! hey, what did you do, feed the ducks or somethin'? you want to feed them with us tomorrow? yeah, maybe. i don't know. we'll see. yeah, yeah, daddy's very busy, you guys. he really doesn't have time for fun this trip. he has a lot of moping to do, which is quite time consuming. all right, give me a break, please. why don't you give me a break, huh?! i thought that this could be a time for all of us to be together! all right, listen, i can't do this right now, because i promised my mother we'd take a walk. t-that's true, dear. have a nice time. i'm so glad we could do this, raymond. you really seem to need it. need what? this -- just the two of us walking
the pilot was not certified to fly using only onboard instruments. was no indication the pilot received a briefing before the chopper took off last month, eventually crashing into rural pennsylvania. says they believe the aircraft was caught in a thunderstorm. they were killed in the crash. the pilot's name has not been released. the search is on for a gun man after a double shooting in west baltimore. police say the shooter opened up on two men last night. men areies say both in stable condition at the hospital. a baltimore family is doing its part to help police track down a person who sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl. the victims spent saturday alerting residents about what happened, hoping to find the suspect. family members the teenager was on the way to a bus stop when she was abducted. >> she was taken to the back of a house and sexually assaulted. we are looking for justice. the man has not been caught yet. we are looking for information from the community. for anyamily is asking witnesses to please come forward. testimony tomorrow for the baltimore county woman accused of
? what? we like you. can't we just wanna see you? is that such a crazy-- robert's killing us. i can't take it anymore. what are you talking about? your brother. he's a jerk. no, he's not a jerk, frank. he's acts like it's so horrible having to stay here with us. it's not pony ride for us, either. he won't even do his exercises. he just sits around the house insulting us. this morning, he told me that my pancakes were...dry. and yesterday, he told me i smelled like a billy goat. which wasn't true yesterday. raymond, please talk to him. what? no, no. no way. come on. he's your brother. he's your son! you're gonna throw that in my face? raymond, we don't know what else to do. look, he's probably just going stir crazy here, huh? i have an idea-- why don't you guys move? why would you say that? hmm... i'll talk to him. i don't understand why you would want us to-- i'm talking to him! hey. what, are you stretching? no. i dropped a fruit loop under the couch. ahh... so, mom and dad starting to get to you? starting to get to me? they've burrowed into my head, and they sit on my brain, pokin
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they can help us clear out of a story pattern. there's no indication of how much it will clear out. it may stall for the weekend. right over baltimore. that is a been we're keeping an eye on. it should be a little bit nicer for the weekend. >> reasons to get excited. baltimore bullets will return to their roots. >> the old-school washington wizards lopez to new york next -- will face the new york knicks . it will be a homecoming for sam ll.sell -- casek >> chris davis is showing off his homerun swing again. he could not make a better time. that is coming up and sports. -- in sports. . >> big money tonight. it is america's baby jack pot game. the evening. this is powerball will stop the -- $448.4 wanted 25 million. here's tonight's first number. with 58. 5. said that he is using his money for the retirement. tonight how's winning powerball number is 32. but state will up. -- let's take one more look at our numbers. [ male announcer ] you know what's so awesome about the internet? it gets more and more entertaining every day. and once you've got verizon fios, that's when you get it -- americ
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Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14